Все о креме face lotion spf 30

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06.09.2017 Jessica Rivet

Thank you for this video! I just started using a retinol not even tretinoin! , and my sunscreen, which i was actually loving neutrogena ultra sheer, is now stinging my face and turning it very red. Even the retinol isn t irritating me that much. So, i definitely need to get a mineral sunscreen.

04.09.2017 Christine De Leon

Very thorough. Thank you!

03.09.2017 Barbara K

Do mineral sunscreens protect against uva rays well? That is my main concern! Somebody please let me know!

31.08.2017 Gladys Rosario

Thank you for sharing with all the details. I rarely use make up. It is good to know what sunscreen product i can wear by itself.

29.08.2017 hipergirl91

Can you do a mineral sunscreen showdown with asian sunscreens? I hear they have better formulations and it d be interested to see if it s true?

26.08.2017 Kristin Peterson

Thank you soooooo very much for all the hard work you put into this! By far, the best video on sunscreen i ve ever seen! !

24.08.2017 Tarah Schomburg

Thanks for keeping me company while i did my makeup! ! Lol i tried the cerave facial moisturizing lotion spf and so far it s working really nicely under foundation. Then i have been setting my skin with urban decay chill setting spray and on top of that the biotherm spray solaire clear body spray spf ! ! I didn t start using spf until watching your videos.

23.08.2017 Emily Coppa

Hmmm it docent look like you put a lot on, is there a reason for this? Because i heard that your supposed to use about a or of a table spoon for your sunscreen to be effective and this is what i do everyday

21.08.2017 Kat Evans

Thank you! I feel like you ve saved me loads of money

18.08.2017 Little Miss

If a product only has one of the two ingredients. . . Titanium dioxide. . . Or. . . . Zinc oxide. . Is it still considered a physical sunscreen? Thank you!

16.08.2017 entschuldigung

This was one of the most thorough and comprehensive videos i think i have ever seen.

14.08.2017 LYNNSTER1971

I just got my paula s choice hydralight spf and have been using it days in a row. I love it. I have the most finicky dry sensitive combination skin imaginable, it is next to impossible for me to find anything i can put on my face that won t dry me out, break me out, give me a rash itchy burning reaction, be it skincare or makeup. I have not had one single issue with this sunscreen. Best purchase ive made in a very long time. However, yes. . . It is definitely for dry skin.

11.08.2017 Ashley Smith

Haha by coincidence the two sunscreens i currently own are exuviance and some samples of hydropeptide. Good to know they are both so good and that i am already on the right track!

08.08.2017 M B

Attractive lady

06.08.2017 Yuli Drke

Hi, angie! I ve noticed you do not apply sunscreen on your upper lids. How to protect this sensitive area?

03.08.2017 Ang R

Cotz is by far the best, spf. Skip the rest of the greasy, white cast crap sold everywhere and go straight to cotz. Cotz is mattifying sooo. . . Not sure why you were so greasy unless you had other crap on your face before applying. They have plain and tinted too. It also works beautifully as a primer, wearable on it s own.

02.08.2017 Michelle Trejo

Try the clarins sunscreen i ve been using it for years and i love it

31.07.2017 ankita ahuja

How is eltamd uv physical broad spectrum spf tinted sunscreen? Thanks

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