Крем для лица с spf фильтром рейтинг

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03.09.2017 skeletondance

Tatcha is my favourite spf of all time, it s japanese and keeps your skin matte but feeling nourished at the same time even people with dry skin rave about it. I love the anessa gold, tried it a few years ago, loved.

02.09.2017 Jaynie Stanley

Thank u for that in depth tutorial. I m not sure which way to go, but this helped me understand better what i need.

31.08.2017 Umi Sh

Can you also talk about channel products and sunscreens?

30.08.2017 Kylie Eats

Thank you for the recommendations!

27.08.2017 FaerieDust

Oh my god i just had this, like, intense eureka moment. This is so random, but a handful of years ago i was in beijing with my mom. I had to pop in to the only open store late one night to get sunscreen for the next day it was a tiny, privately owned shop with a really nice old lady behind the counter. I found a pack of two bottles, one of which said spf . I concluded that that was sunscreen, but had to do the fun communicative charades with the old lady to understand that the other bottle was a facial wash. I used the sunscreen the next day, and fell absolutely in love i d only ever used the greasy, thick western ones before but i have no idea what happened to my bottle after the trip. . . All i know is that i ve gone for like half a decade wondering what the hell that little bottle of magic was, that wasn t even something fancy and expensive. . . And now i m researching for my sunscreen this summer, after having discovered asian skincare, and, dude. I m almost certain that my one that got away sunscreen is a bior one! ! It had the same bottle though it was light blue. I m so ridiculously happy about this xd

26.08.2017 Sonya Thie

I have been using omi menturm the sun uv essence japanese and quite like it. Just wondering if you know of it and what your thoughts are on it if you do? ?

24.08.2017 Francescadbg

Super informative i learned a lot thanks

22.08.2017 Anjelo Carey

Are they non comedogenic? Dont know if she mentioned it.

21.08.2017 CmaxEnergi

Thank you! Now i have far less research to do.

19.08.2017 Marielos Vides

Can i use the innisfree waterproof sunscreen if i have combination oily and acne prone skin?

18.08.2017 DeeEM MDM

Hello, is biore uv aqua watery essence a waterproof sunscreen? Hoping for response!

15.08.2017 Kiki Gonzalez

What about the asian brands that are spf pa ? The ones with just two , are they good enough to use all day in the sun?

14.08.2017 Krupa Patel

I got the biore one and i love it!

13.08.2017 fufufunii

Can this be applied for a preteen? Asking for a friend

10.08.2017 Eclectic Crique

Wow i love this video. I love that you included a swatch. And described the consistency very well

07.08.2017 Kathie

Wow thank you! ! This review is very informative! I have sensitive skin btw so every time i use chemical sunblock it makes my t zone area swollen. Thanks for this very helpful review!

04.08.2017 Ily Jhope

Wait do you wear makeup first or sun screen first?

03.08.2017 Ily Jhope

Which one is should i get

31.07.2017 Rini Chen

Great intro! ! Good explanation for people who have no idea abt the differences super helpful

30.07.2017 acechadwick

What a brilliant video! Thank you.

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