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05.02.2017 LA Looks: Beauty and Life

Belif aqua bomb may list ingredients at the top of the list and explain their purpose and function, however the sephora ingredient list of this product goes on and on for miles. . . . . With denatured alcohol being the th ingredient. There are over ingredients in this product. I wish there was a way quickly to know what function they all served! It is so hard to know exactly what products are truly the most effective, with the least amount of fillers and other potentially irritating destructive ingredients! ! Thank you marlena i know i am watching this in , but thought i d do a bit more research! ! !

04.02.2017 Sandy Garcia

Yes please would love to see the night routine

02.02.2017 Glenn Miller

Yes to drugstore skincare!

31.01.2017 ellen oganesyan

How are you ? ! ! ! ! !

30.01.2017 Anna-Faith Smith

Yes! I m so happy you did this video! ! ! I would love to see the skin care routine and the drug store products videos! ! ! ! I love to see skincare videos! ! ! ! !

27.01.2017 reesee W

Uhmmmmm. . . . We would love the skin care routine video if it has changed at all. . . Thank you!

26.01.2017 Nlly Cmchraw

I love you marlena, you are so unique, beautiful, smart, business woman!

24.01.2017 Mona Moore

You re so beautiful

22.01.2017 jessica phillips

? ! Omg girl you look amazing! I will deff be taking your advice on these skin care products if they allow me to look like you when i m ! You go girl!

20.01.2017 Emily Coppa

Hi i know this video is old, but marlena the true aqua bomb from belif has over ingredients in it! I m not sure why you only saw a few but this is not the case lol! There are tons of plant extracts and herbal extracts in this product, the ingredients list is very very long

17.01.2017 faixa Bi

Please do a video on night skincare routine. Its now please do it

15.01.2017 faixa Bi

And please suggest some drugstore skincare products as well

14.01.2017 Priscilla Nieto

Not liking your intro. You re acting like you need to apologize for looking like you only buy high end skincare. So what if you do? As long as you work hard for what you have you should feel free to invest in whatever you want. My cleanser, acne treatment and day time moisturizer is all drugstore from clean and clear. My nighttime moisturizer is from first aid beauty and my neck and eye treatment are both from tarte. I will never feel the need to apologize for the higher end skincare products that i do own. Other people should be happy that you were able to afford the things you want.

13.01.2017 Dom Baldock

The bloopers! ! ! Oh you nearly had me in tears! Great vid, just subscribed, looking to hours of beauty goodness d

11.01.2017 Kamryn Kotsopoulos

Omg i love ur skin

08.01.2017 Hollie David

Marlena thank you for your information. I m an avid fan of all things mg. Just a few things i d like to mention. . . I m and this is a current photo of me on my profile. I use the dhc line from japan and it s olive oil based and just lovely. I also mix it up and use obaji when i m transitioning seasons, as i use different products for the temperature and weather changes. Vitamin c oil and rosehip oil are just excellent for skin and in combination with hyaluronic acid which holds in water, and your skin will look amazing. One last thing, whether you re fair or dark skinned, you need at least a spf. Thanks for your continued education and congrats on your recent acknowledgement by business news! ! !

06.01.2017 thehonestbeautyreview

If you love the belief cream, you d love clinique s moisture surge! It so moisturizing and sinks right into the skin!

04.01.2017 Hayley Smith

Lovely lady and nice video, blessings

03.01.2017 Felsie joyce

You can try lasoul skincare. Its korean product and very famous in malaysia. We make business with it. Oh yeah

01.01.2017 DRI Blast

Is high end or even under ? ? ? ? Really? So what is ? ? ? ?

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