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08.09.2017 moi

I agree with you about the deciem is not a dupe for sunday. A completely different ph so it will react different. Thanks for the additional good info! ! !


Have you tried mario badescu products?

03.09.2017 Hello Harley

Love! Great buying guide. I felt that when i first was introduced to the brand i felt lost and had to do a lot of research. I am sure this will help a lot of people looking into the brand. Btw, did you know it s cheaper to buy these products in canada? They have the same price as us. So . Is . Cad and . Usd.

01.09.2017 Nicole Tay

I love the aha and bha. It s actually one of the gentler high percentage acids i ve used. I guess it s because of the tasmanian pepper berry. Also use it on dry face not wet, otherwise it will burn!

31.08.2017 Tina Hu

Nice video! I just wanted to say there is apparently a fragrance added to the ordinary s glycol toner according a beautypedia. Com review paula s choice. They seem to have a personal issue with the ordinary s products so pay no mind to the actual reviews in my opinion.

30.08.2017 Beth Brown

Another wonderful informative video! ! !

27.08.2017 mammdonnan

Hi thanks for this two videos and i love all your videos i am and i need more stuff than you need so i have bought nearly the whole line out off of the ordinary. I have the c vitamin and will buy the going to buy the ascorbyl glucoside solution . I have never before age of done anything to my skin other than since i was very very young, every day always and only washed my face and body with a soap with lactic acid. So i think that have saved my skin a little bit and i nearly ever use makeup, at the max times per year. I am on the waiting list for the foundations. I started to buy from the site victoriahelth com immediately after wayne goss has raved about this brand. What i wanted to tell you is, that i have heard from several youtubers that you can not rely on the mailing waiting list. You have to check the website every day, because they do not send out the mails when products are in stock. I receive their newsletter every month and they are sooooo overwhelmed that they sadly not have time to work thru every step they have promised us costumer besides get the orders out as soon as possible because they did not expect this to happened with this line. Nearly the whole world wants the ordinary. So check the website for the products you want instead of wait for that mail to come. I am satisfied with everything i have bought. I have not bought their oils and the reason for this is that i can buy them off a swedish i am born and i live in sweden website that have larger containers also organic cold pressed and with that a better prize. The shipping is based by weight on the victoriahelth site and on the swedish site it is a unit weight and that is better for me in terms of buy oils. Warm hugs from sweden

24.08.2017 D Sj

The ordinary aha bha peeling solution is really good. I only use it once a week. I find minuttes to be perfect for my skin. You have to be sure to wash it off properly, and only apply on dry skin

22.08.2017 ChouettePants

You re everything i ve been looking for in a beauty guru like ever! Please keep doing these videos, especially those business environments related ones, so helpful. Hopefully the educated millennial audience recognise the value of your fact based reviews.

21.08.2017 Hazlett

Which product from ordinary would you recommend for dry, sensitive and acne skin?

20.08.2017 SWeckmann

So you are recommending or dismissing these products by research and not by actually trying the products yourself? You are basing this review on your opinion and not actual evidence that it did not work or worked on your skin type. So this is not an actual review its more a personal opinion based which renders it invalid. This is the first thumbs down i have ever given a video on youtube.

18.08.2017 laurie nielsen

I think you are a very articulate young woman! ! ! I use the ordinary hyloronic acid, matrixal and the advanced retinoid . I tried the vitamin c and just couldn t get passed the grit, it did sting a bit but that was tolerable. I ended up tossing it in the trash. By the way i m a year old woman and should have started this a very long time ago but, we didn t have this kind of stuff when i was a young sun worshiper. Thank you for all your useful information as it s helped me decide what else i m going to buy from the ordinary.

16.08.2017 jcjccmz

Thanks for all the research you did for these videos. Fyi, hyperpigmentation can be tricky, and hydroquinone does not always work. There are prescription products with azelaic acid like finacea which has azelaic, which has worked great for me, while hydroquinone has done nothing. Also, azelaic acid helps keep skin clear of acne and is often prescribed for people with rosacea, so it is good for sensitive skin. As far as hydroquinone, my understanding is that it is super harsh to skin and should be used only for limited times like only if it s actually working. And in the video, you didn t say that you have actually tried good genes or did i miss something? . I think the only way you can say whether something is a dupe is not just by comparing the actives on paper, but actually trying them over a period of time one side of face with one product, the other side with the nd product. I really loved good genes and luna for over years, but i started using organic cold pressed rosehip seed oil and also prescription tretinoin gel microspheres retin a micro which meant i had to stop using those daily chemical exfoliants at night, and i don t really miss the s. Riley products at all. I might use them once every other week as a treatment if i decide to skip the retin a micro. Oh, and thanks for not jumping on the anti animal testing bandwagon. It can be a little annoying to hear these youtubers complain about cruelty to lab rats when they don t give a shit about actual human children in their own neighborhoods who are denied food, decent education or safety from abuse.

13.08.2017 3duardable

You re extremely whiny you re advising people to go for the good genes product which is extremely similar to the ordinary lactic acid just because of the packing, which costs like times more. You generally talk too much without actually saying anything valuable, just complaining and sassiness. Definitely not a subscriber

11.08.2017 Andie Bee

I am a long time user of khiels skincare but i just ordered products from the ordinary just now. Goodluck to my skin. Lol

09.08.2017 Mauri Fleitas

Hi joanna do you still have the link of the experiment on rats?

07.08.2017 Lal3l

As far as the salicylic acid is concerned i would go with the ones by paula s choice. They re less expensive by the ounce, usually contain other beneficial ingredients and come in many different textures. Their bha liquid is basically what rid my skin of blackheads now i m using their bha spray as it s the most cost effective version they offer.

05.08.2017 snobcast

Got the la and agree! ! It does itch! ! !

03.08.2017 Dynasty

It s refreshing to see such a thorough video telling us info on the products. I bought a few of the ordinary products and didn t know exactly what to do with them. This video has been soo helpful so thank you! I love how you re so well informed. I ve subscribed and will now be watching your other vids, esp the other ones on the ordinary which i m yet to watch hehe.

01.08.2017 Toccoah Lynn

I just wanted to chime in and say that you were representation of lactic and glycolic is just a bit off. Glycolic it goes deeper into the surface and is the number one acid used by plastic surgeons for deeper chemical peeling. Lactic is a chemical that is used for hydration. Especially in anti aging when we get older we lose the water in our skin and lactic acid helps to hydrate. It s also the less irritating of the acids. So. . . . To say if you are using one, there s no reason to use another, is really giving off the wrong information. I do chemical exfoliants every week and i alternate. They are all used for something very different. They are not used for the same results

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