Biotherm крем против старения blue therapy

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Welcome back hope to see you more here on youtube

27.07.2017 Lynda Allen

Your hair looks so beautiful and healthy!

26.07.2017 Pol Khodaverdian

Great favorites! !

23.07.2017 Rena Phuah

Love this video, you made me want to check out the nars contour palette. I wasn t that interested until i see your video. What about a contour video for eyes and cheeks?

22.07.2017 josie elle

Speaking of favorites, what s your favorite hair shampoo and conditioner? I couldn t help but notice how gorgeous and shiny your hair looks in this video!

20.07.2017 Michelle S

Yes please! Hair video is much needed! And i also need a recommendation for a good curling wand. P. S as always thank you for the peek into your faves, gonna have to add a couple to my list starting with nars paloma!

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