Jovees крем против акне

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24.08.2017 carisa russ

This annoyed me every time she had the mask in her eyes and lips and nose. . . Very unprofessional

21.08.2017 Evie Diamond

She exfoliated her eyes. . . The skin is far too delicate to be doing that

19.08.2017 Umee Hassidah Umee

Very unprofessional. . . .

17.08.2017 taran deep

You knw what i think she is using alot of products that is going into her eyes nose and she is doing every step downward and it should be in upward direction. Wrong direction can cause wrinkles on her skin

16.08.2017 supriya Tripathi

My skin is oily so plz suggest some facial kits i m clg students thaks

14.08.2017 belle mcellis

Why rubbing so hard on eye area. Also leaving cream in her nose. What is this mess

12.08.2017 Rashell jack

Where can i get the pearl powder?

11.08.2017 Sandeep Kaur

My skin dry so plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz all cream my skin. F kit and all skin cear plzzzzz name

09.08.2017 omkar powade

She has long nails it s wrong and she is very unprofessional

08.08.2017 Isabelle Sand

Fully exfoliated! Till the eyes and nostrils! Yay

05.08.2017 Subhechhya Roy Ghosh

After facial how to pampered my skin? ? ? ?

03.08.2017 raj shekar

How. To. Facil boys

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