Крем для глаз после 40 шанель

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08.09.2017 mildred bolam

Im . Help

06.09.2017 Michaelene Ribbeck

Thank you for being so thorough in evaluating products. You seem very honest and unbiased. I consult your videos often before trying a new product. I appreciate the time and effort you put into your channel.

05.09.2017 Vanessa Puckett

Is there anything that really helps with under eye wrinkles and lid crepiness? Thanks, i m and trying to slow them down. Lol

04.09.2017 Vanessa Puckett

Have you tried the new revlon youth fixx foundation?

02.09.2017 myrna hatcher

I m . I m afro american my skin is getting so dry. Can you recommend a foundation that has a wider range of colors.

31.08.2017 hayley s

Omg i hope i look as good when i m as you do at .

28.08.2017 Mrs Green

Omg you do not look holy shit!

26.08.2017 Janet Peterson

I just now found and subscribed to your channel and so glad i did! I ll be playing catch up for awhile but keep your content comin for us hot flashy gals. Btw, you and your make up look beautiful, hard to believe you have two kids in college!

24.08.2017 Rebeca Rocío

You look years younger! ! ! !

22.08.2017 Schane Craddock

Your vids are great! As a makeup artist i love that you re doing the work for me! I m hooked on beautycounter s tint skin foundation. Safe, moisturizing, great coverage i use it on clients of all ages, but it really shines for women our age!

20.08.2017 Lavinia S.

Could you please try nars sheer glow and neutrogena healthy skin make up. They suppose to be almost identical and very light but not sure on mature skin. Thank you for all your great videos.

19.08.2017 Holly Fazzone

It is not possible that you are ! ! ! You literally look ! ! ! Wow!

17.08.2017 Anita Taylor

Rockstar mum

14.08.2017 Beth Crawford

Hello angie! You are a godsend. Thank you for your help and info. May i ask. . . What lip product s you are wearing in this video? So gorge! Thanks again.

13.08.2017 d c

Have you tried any josie maran products i m and love her foundation

11.08.2017 Oksana Kuzmenko

Have you reviewed kat von d lock it foundation? I couldn t find that video but might be just me. Anyway, i would love to hear your opinion

10.08.2017 Diana Richardson

Have you ever done any reviews on josie maran cosmetics? ? I have totally fallen in love with the vibrancy foundation. I am almost with very dry skin. I also use the skin care products. . . . The milk, the face butter, argon oil, and sereal primer. I have also found that if my face is tanner than my foundation it mixes well with the it cosmetics cc liquid bronzer.

08.08.2017 dagoelius

Beautiful looking woman.

05.08.2017 The Greystone Estate

Hi angie, i saw that you also use exuviance sheer daily protector spf . I ve been using the tinted version but sometimes think it s not a great foundation. . . Do you use tinted exuviance foundation?

04.08.2017 Lisa Palanti

I m , too, and my skin has gotten drier. What s your thought on it cosmetics cc cream with illumination. The ulta salesperson recommended this instead of the other cc cream. Thank you for your very helpful videos! !

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