Shiseido крем для лица лифтинг

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26.08.2017 Konstans Ale

And to the forehead what? I always have this question. . . I didnt see any cream applying

24.08.2017 LadySoul502

Anything for the top of the face? What about the eye area?

22.08.2017 Gayan Madushanka

Oh hello! Have you heard about rovolori minute week google it? Ive heard some extraordinary things about this way to put breaks on the rapid aging process and my mate also got some great outcomes with it.

20.08.2017 Lolowa Agab

Thank you so much i will try it d

17.08.2017 delina_aaa

Does anyone know the what is the background music on this video?

15.08.2017 Shantaram Chandane

Thanks. Very nice massage for face lifting.

13.08.2017 Sabrina Manfredi

Thank you so much for this video. . I love maxelder argan cream. I have combo acne prone skin it doesn t break me out. It has smoothed out my wrinkles my skin feels plump. Try it you will see difference w. . . Nyarganoilc. .

12.08.2017 Tayyabah Ahtesham

Should we do pressure on hands while massaging

09.08.2017 Tayyabah Ahtesham

What about forehead massage?

06.08.2017 Alesha Aleshin

Разве можно тянуть с такой силой.

04.08.2017 Francis Ferrao

Very informative and beautifully shown. God bless you

01.08.2017 Christina B

It seems to really stretch the skin. I prefer clarins technique

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