Wellness beauty крем для тела

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21.09.2017 tadaksha Farejiya

What can i use instead of shea butter. . . . . ? And im your new subscriber

20.09.2017 Viktor Tanaskoski

Can i make this without shea and cocoa butter?

18.09.2017 Zelina Baksh

Thanks tons, insha allah will try this. Its so easy to make.

17.09.2017 phoenix kitty

Can i use coconut oil which is used for food. . .

14.09.2017 Bul bul Bucket

You looks goergious! ! And nice video, easy to make, easy to get things. So st of all i would like to thanx allah and next to you. In shaa allah i am gonna try this. Can i use this when i go out and at bedtime? ? Please lemme know soon

13.09.2017 Renalyn Manabat

I tried this and i love it, also good or my two youmg kids. . . Thanks. . .

11.09.2017 aljareen lozano

Is it okay if i will add an oregano extract?

08.09.2017 IMr LAPS

Well im wondering what we can use to keep it soft

05.09.2017 John Doe

What is the shelf life after it has set and been removed from the refrigerator or does this have to kept in the refrigerator all the time? Can vitamin e be added as a preservative?

02.09.2017 John Doe

I ve decided instead of cup of coconut oil i ll use tablespoons coconut oil and tablespoon vitamin e oil. This will maintain the cup oils while providing a little vitamin e which good for your skin and a natural preservative.

31.08.2017 Shell Bell

Both cocoa butter and coconut oil are highly comodegenic. Not suitable for acne prone skins at all.

30.08.2017 ASIAN SECRET

Correct me if i m wrong but my idea about skin care products or cosmetics in general, is that chemicals on skin lotions and creams cannot really easily penetrate the skin especially up to the bloodstream unless the active ingredients are compounded for transdermal route like the nicotine patches. And usually this transdermal method of delivery is for medical purposes. And even in medicine it s not that easy to make the drug viable for transdermal route. If the ingredients in lotions and creams can penetrate the bloodstream then that would be extremely alarming. I thought it s even very hard for the skin products to be able to penetrate the dermis. I only know of tretinoin retinoids that can penetrate the dermis successfully and i think it s only available in many countries under prescription. I think you re referring to some controversial chemicals that were reported to absorb the bloodstream like the parabens for instance?

28.08.2017 labronze mays

She said shea like shae

26.08.2017 Unpopular Views

Shea butter doesn t give your skin a chocolatey smell, only the cocoa butter does that.

25.08.2017 Rosseita Keita

Coco butter makes my skin darker

22.08.2017 randall kiely

As a vegan, what can i use in place of beeswax?

19.08.2017 Jo Jaquez

Allo gorgeous

17.08.2017 Flurry98

How much bees wax do you add?

15.08.2017 Nicole Bartlein

Coconut oil is comedogenic, it has the potential to block pores for acne prone people. . .

12.08.2017 Michelle Black

This is more of a body butter than a lotion. Lotions aren t supposed to be so thick.

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