St.ives крем для тела

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23.03.2017 The Creative Lady®

Why mess with perfection? I hate when companies do this. Pine sol did it to me and i am still mad. I ve used a few st. Ives products but i think the scrubs have remained the same. . . Fingers crossed!

20.03.2017 Creativeflaviagro

Thank u for sharing thumbs up beautiful

18.03.2017 Pebble Jacob

They removed the mineral oil and add glycine soja oil

15.03.2017 HeatherGems 1

Me and my mom have been using st. Ives for many years. I find it works best for my skin. I have ichthyosis vulgaris and i have to use particularly rich lotions and st. Ives has always delivered. I agree with you. I found the collagen elastin one, as well as the other kinds, have changed. We ve been having to retry them all. So far, the oatmeal one has delivered. The pear and soy nectar one smells good, but isn t good at moisturizing. That s the one i m trying now. Me and my mom both find it frustrating that we have to search again for the holy grail of lotions for us.

14.03.2017 Karla Ortiz

I actually just got a bottle of st. Ives for the first time last week, that s why i m here watching the review because i thought it was just me that didn t like the lotion lol first and last time i will buy that lotion.

11.03.2017 August Hale

They removed the mineral oil and add glycine soja oil. Http www. Drfranklipman. Com key reasons to avoid mineral oil

09.03.2017 International Runway Report

I have been using this product for years because its the only product on the market that contains a low percentage of glycerin which breaks me out, just the right amount. . . Butnow i have been breaking out, itching, rashes etc. I have to use a prescription medication to keep my problem under control, but even that is not working. So it is obvious that they have decreased one ingredient and increased another glycerin, due to cost issues or for some other reason that they have been unwilling to disclose. I did complain via their website and will see what happens, meanwhile my allergy doctor gave me a sample of vanicream which worked great, its available to purchase at local drug stores, a little more expensive but it works for me so i will pay to get some relief. . .

07.03.2017 Wittybberry

They changed their facial lotion too. . . I am so, so, sooooooo annoyed about it. I ve used their products for like years. . . And it is not the same.

05.03.2017 Chrissy Maxwell

I started using it way back in when it had the red cap. I am soooooo angry about the new product! You now have to reapply every minutes as the moisture doesn t last at all. . . Its terrible! ! And you are so right about how thin it is now.

02.03.2017 Chrissy Maxwell

Also. . . Just left a scathing review on their website which is submitted for review. Then browsed and found no bad ones listed. So clearly they won t even add the bad ones! !

28.02.2017 MsLovingLife

Yes! ! ! I thought it was just me. I ve been using st. Ives since the early s and it was a great product. What happened? ? ? Now it goes on like a cheap low grade lotion. . . . And no tingle and no moisture. Is that what they call an improvement? I am extremely disappointed. Bless.

26.02.2017 sevengance

Vaseline also ruined all their lotion with new formulas.

25.02.2017 Katarina Hellwig

This was made a year ago. . Did they change it back? Because i ve been hearing about this facial version of this lotion non stop and i just got it. What was the previous formula and what is the new one? I should probably stop typing and wait to see if you answer my questions l l. .

23.02.2017 Christina g

I know! I used the oatmeal one for years for as long as i can remember! Now it s so watery. I don t know where to find the perfect lotion.

21.02.2017 E Younger

Thank you for posting this! A year later and i still haven t found a replacement.

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