Snail white крем для тела

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20.08.2017 Juicy J's

Have you tried the soap? If so, did you like it?

17.08.2017 FAM Phynux

I bought it but donno how to use it. . . I press but it come out nothing

16.08.2017 Juli Zheng

I may try it but i am afraid of rashness too.

15.08.2017 Aubreyna Archer

Why would you try to lighten your skin? Be proud of your melanin.

12.08.2017 Zentson

Tbh the main purpose of this body lotion is to even up the skin tone, let s not be racist here since you have darker skin tone there s no point to leave on a whitening lotion. Your melanin production itself already blocked most of the uva and uvb, no worries be proud of what you are

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