Лучший крем для тела лаш

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04.09.2017 Elsa Villamaria

Really helps calm my eczema down d i love lush! ! ! !

02.09.2017 Hannah

I bought it today!

31.08.2017 Rebecca Nguyen

Does anyone know if it helps with chicken skin? ! I ve had it on my arms ever since i was little and have heard great reviews for this.

29.08.2017 jahlove111

My favorite! The only product that really hydrates my skin and makes it look glowy

27.08.2017 sarah cromer

I love the containers you guys use! ! !

26.08.2017 planetlexicon

I never bought lush products before. But i would like to. I just feel bad that i already have a ton of lotions at home.

23.08.2017 t.

Does this product help with eczema?

21.08.2017 HT

Can i use this on my face?

18.08.2017 miah henkemeyer

Would this product be any good for helping chest and arm acne?

16.08.2017 Jayanta Sen

Use it and fall in love with there products just like

15.08.2017 Jennah Salaam

Looks like heaven to play around in

13.08.2017 Icecream Sandwich

This is one of my favourite lush products, i have very dry, sensitive, eczema prone skin and this cream works wonders! My skin feels so soft after use and really helps stop the itching and soreness from my eczema. Would definitely recommend

11.08.2017 jennifer scarlett

Can i use this product on my face? Please reply!

09.08.2017 Roci2505

Triethanolamine and propylparaben, these are toxic, carcinogenic and irritating. Please triethanolamine , propylparaben limonene linalool

08.08.2017 Aaron Kraus

Does this help with tattoos

06.08.2017 Fiza Khan

I have dry chicken sensitive skin and i mean dry skin flaking off my skin rlly bad i know

04.08.2017 Tango Bravo

Will this dream cream keep away the nightmares? Will i have a nightmare about spoiled meat and slow internet if i ingest the dream cream?

02.08.2017 Micah Clare

I was having a bad day, i was bushed. Then i put on some of this dream cream, and it chased away the nightmares!

31.07.2017 Nora Lights

I love dream cream!

29.07.2017 schnauzer mom

Does this help with heat rash?

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