Крем для тела биотерм купить

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25.02.2017 Sinatta Sangpeng


22.02.2017 Nathan Leedham

Where did you get the little cart in the back?

19.02.2017 MrBaotran

Can i ask what shade of peter thomas roth cc cream you used?

17.02.2017 MrBaotran

And i see that shade of ptr is a little bit darker than your skin color, do you think so?

14.02.2017 steph43lo

I agree, very helpful. Now i m wanting to get the chanel cc cream lol. . . Seems more mattifying, which i m looking for.

11.02.2017 Julia BeautySix

Thank you! You helped me a lot! !

10.02.2017 mimi

I actually love the way the chanel ones smells it s supposed to be camelia flower

08.02.2017 amirul rasyid shansul bahri

You are so cute!

07.02.2017 thouy

Chanel cc cream is defiantly my life saver! ! ! Really good!

06.02.2017 Krzysztof Wawrzonkowski

Verry well done review

03.02.2017 Cristina Marinescu

Great video! Thanks! Can you tell me which shade you used for peter thomas roth cc cream? Loved it.

01.02.2017 Yoon Wong

May i know what is your skin type?

31.01.2017 samia durrani

I m using chanel and clinique cc cream both are working great on me.

28.01.2017 agrandee 65

What shade is the clinique cc cream?

26.01.2017 Karoline Bendixen

Origins smarty plants is awful.

24.01.2017 F. Reyes

Bb cream are beauty balms. Cc creams are color correcting. Jus saying not the same.

23.01.2017 Ishika Parihar

So i have mild facial hair which are very light in color so it is not a problem, but if i use one with too much coverage it might get cakey, so is clinique the best choice?

21.01.2017 Julie Nghiem

Could you list all the foundation colors you used on yourself o? ! You re like my skin tone or so it seems. Would be super helpful!

19.01.2017 Smg Kpl

This is my opinion but i think you should use one shade or two shade darker than your skin tone.

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