Крем 911 для тела купить

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23.02.2017 vaginaldestruction

More than anything i want to see alex jones and dam harris on here togethet

21.02.2017 MattyBespoke

Joe keeps asking who are they he knows, eddie knows, alex knows but they can t say it or else. . . Jews e w s

19.02.2017 Ayndeewhy Gee

I don t even know who eddie bravo is but i know that he shouldn t be here.

16.02.2017 Louise Weston

Shill central

15.02.2017 Samantha Facultad

Okay eddie helps because it forces them to explain everything in simpler terms for. . . Simpler listeners

13.02.2017 A Dominguez

The real conspiracy is that alex is schizophrenic.

11.02.2017 Twitch Bandit

Joe, please bring alex back. But please don t make us wait til episode .

09.02.2017 thedudeman1900

Jesus christ eddie

07.02.2017 From Australia


05.02.2017 TheDavid450r

If you pour me another drink. . . I ll send you to another dimension. Eddie bravo .

03.02.2017 William Dalebout

Ben swann is dead isn t he.

01.02.2017 oternoj

If only eddie would stfu

29.01.2017 Gloria Gomez

I wanna choke this bravo douchebag to death. . . Twice. Shut the fuck up. Nobody is watching this to hear what you have to say.

28.01.2017 Ian M

It was such a welcome relief when eddie took a bathroom break. . .

25.01.2017 twistedmetalplayer21

Yes, the email did talk about getting kids in the hot tub. Someone on twitter sent a link to the wikileaks page that had the official email.

23.01.2017 jerbear- mane

Rogan how can you be friends with that thick skull, racist mfer alex jones. Jones as a wh correspondent shows how fucked trump is. He makes up his own facts joe. You re smarter than this joe have some morales, ethics and standards

21.01.2017 Drew Wager

Joe just wanted it to end the last minutes

20.01.2017 Doc Humble

Damn i wouldn t have guessed bravo is mexican.

18.01.2017 shadow stalker69

I like alex but i swear on my god he has a lemon head

16.01.2017 EQOAnostalgia

I m actually starting to like alex. . . Despite the snakeoil schtick. Eddie on the other hand. . . You can see him trying desperately to be part of this fucking podcast, and you can see joe and alex both getting frustrated with him lol. Maybe it was a drinks, idk, but i just wanted to slap the guy lol and he does seem like a good dude. Just bro, stfu!

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