Calvin klein крем для тела

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22.03.2017 Sara Kalemba

Girl i wish we knew each other because i feel like we would get along so well together! I ve said this before but i love how much you admire and appreciate every clothing piece you always buy! Keep up with all the great work, i m excited to see what new videos you put out next! ! !

20.03.2017 Nafisa Alfi Salma

When you and kallie have that similar denim jacket and i m absolutely need one too! But yeah. . . Your stuffs aren t changing for every seasons i guess but i love it still

17.03.2017 Lea Paulino

Loved the haul omg

15.03.2017 ana pineda

Love your style! Always enjoy your videos

12.03.2017 Hannah Rose

Living for this french business woman on vacation look

10.03.2017 Nousheen Mirhaidari

These are all cute clothes!

08.03.2017 dalyn aldoff

What size did you get in the blank nyc leather jacket?

07.03.2017 Maha Medhat

Ur cool

05.03.2017 izzy

Monq ad at you re welcome

03.03.2017 Thepoweroflove

You re literally the sweetest person love youuu sm

28.02.2017 xsharetheworld

About halfway through this video i started realizing. . . This is a shitton of money this girl spent. . . . Did the math, , . Later. . . . I m having a heart attack. Farewell friends.

27.02.2017 Hailsberry Brunt

Notifications on!

25.02.2017 Andrea M

The eyeshadow. .

24.02.2017 My diy diy

Can you make a video of your shoes collection

21.02.2017 Anahi Lopez

I wish i could wear all this but its just too hot where i live.

19.02.2017 Lois Franchelle Gaborro

Raise your hand if you think this haul is such a bombed! Subscribe to my channel pleaseeeeee xoxo

18.02.2017 Anna Chou

This green eyeshadow looks so good on you! ! !

15.02.2017 Elinor Elizabeth Evering

I love all of these clothes

13.02.2017 Jessica Rubinson

Your makeup looks bomb

10.02.2017 shanelly

I love that black and white picnic dress also the eye shadow

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