Гель для душа сандал aasha

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05.02.2017 Musette Weller

Ok but is the bamboo ok?

03.02.2017 james roe

Laser ablation of the parts of the brain governing stress. Problem solved.

01.02.2017 Zachary Lind

Benjamin is a dude? !

30.01.2017 chavruta2000

Not exactly an endorsement for getting an office job

28.01.2017 Particle Config.

Meditation induces production of telomerase which protects the telomeres. Look up the stuff, remarkable

25.01.2017 Ed An

It s poorly translated into chinese

24.01.2017 simon simon

That senior civil service lady needs to get her teeth fixed

22.01.2017 Julie Joy Allen

Less males. . . . That s the solution.

21.01.2017 Danceswithveils Lily

All that stress makes those fat little monkey s so cute though

18.01.2017 Gissie D

Garbage about stress im alloeed to say so after theess this omsistance made of life. Taking of lids from dingle mums.

16.01.2017 haarp2012

So it took this guy years to realise that shit rolls downhill? Wow, what an intellectual giant!

14.01.2017 Harold Pinter

Dr. Muldong sent me here

13.01.2017 Lord Kek

Zach galifianakis knows a lot about stress.

12.01.2017 يعقوب عمر يعقوب

Jdkgcnj hfc hf. Igbkrc

10.01.2017 Marko Pehar

Klape rispet ne diraj u moju ljubav

08.01.2017 Menacing Moto

Minutes hooooollyyyy shit

05.01.2017 Dee F

K guys whats the answer to this question? Which of the following was not a characteristic of dominant male baboons in sapolsky s studies of how social status may effect stress? A higher levels of circulating lymphocytes b reduced concentrations of cortisol c lower levels of high density lipoprotein cholesterol d a greater ability to recover from provocation e lower blood pressure ? ? ? ? ? What s the answer i need to know for tomorrow s class! ? ! ! ?

03.01.2017 WhuttaNerd

So. . . What i m getting from this is that we need to take out the higher ups to achieve a serene utopia?

01.01.2017 Garrett Van

Anyone else forced to watch this?

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