Old spice дезодорант-спрей lagoon

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08.02.2017 Tristan Gump

Yeah this just happens to me

05.02.2017 IVMofficial

Im alergic to work. . . . Anyone else?

03.02.2017 PiranhaFire69

Looks like he will smelling burning deodorant

31.01.2017 Luther Arciga

It s only my left armpit for some reason.

29.01.2017 franchiske

From personal experience, i don t get burns nor rashes. I think it s the antiperspirant that makes people get burns because it contains aluminum to stop the process of sweating. Deodorant doesn t contain aluminum and only masks the odor of sweating rather than stopping it. I got slight rashes when using the antiperspirant. When i switched to regular deodorant, there was no itching.

27.01.2017 Blue Balls

Incorrect, i do not use oldspice.

25.01.2017 Dave Black


23.01.2017 Mike Bokina97

I have it right now it s terrible

20.01.2017 Gboythunda

I can use certain ones but not all. The classic one burns like heck. I just thought i wasn t man enough to wear it

19.01.2017 Devious Hades

It doesnt burn everyone only if you cant take it

17.01.2017 Mc juggie squad

Going to axe

15.01.2017 James Bergen

Women use mens deodorant, sounds like a bunch of dykes.

13.01.2017 Kaos Spartan

Sorry bro. I use axe

11.01.2017 Tucker Richard

I haven t had a problem.

09.01.2017 Juan Hernandez

That s happening to me

08.01.2017 Allgeier m8

Chemical burns because some people are too dumb to keep the distance between your body and the can. Its printed on the goddamn can.

05.01.2017 Classic Man

Maybe they have allergies

04.01.2017 DirtiestHaRRy

They could not withstand the poweeeeeeerrrrrr! ! ! ! ! ! !

02.01.2017 DirtiestHaRRy

They ve been warned terry crews told us it has power to make double sun. Dooooouuuubleee suuuuunnnn poooooweeeeerrrr

30.12.2016 OG PREDaTor

No its all the powererrrrrreefgkzjfosplwpwlkskgk

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