Bleu de chanel дезодорант-спрей

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04.02.2017 Goto rianer

Isnt it funny. . That perfumes came out as brand new on today in germany. . .

02.02.2017 tuấn Nguyễn Công Minh

Hey jeremy. I like all your videos which helps me to choose the suitable fragrances. I have a question that could the blue de chanel travel atomizer be refilled?

30.01.2017 Mike Kelly

I didn t know shit about fragrance until i happened on your channel. Thank you for your knowledge. You have saved me a lot of money.

29.01.2017 jcp fff

This cologne is good on summer and not on winter or everyone will vomit is strong and leaves a trail.

27.01.2017 Mbutta7

Haha wow jeremyfragrance its funny to watch your very first video years ago on bleu de chanel. You re a lot more creative now with your videos and less pauses when you speak lol.

25.01.2017 Zzz Yyy

So this isn t even on your top ?

24.01.2017 Sirob Kesenk

Jeremy fragrance was ist deiner meinung besser edt oder edp?

22.01.2017 Jean Dupla

Jeremy, i really want to try bleu de chanel edt but i m a little concerten after some other reviews i watched. The reason why is because many say that it has a real fresh aqua scent to it, and since i buyed cool water from davidoff it has traumatized me because i found it horrible it smelled like toiletspray. So now everytime i hear fresh aqua i m cautious. So does have aqua type of scent as cool water has?

20.01.2017 Is Az

My go to scent since it s release. If you get some on your cuffs or collar in the morning the next day it smells so different. Truly great with many layers unravelling itself slowly. Complimented by everyone if that matters at all powerful yet not offensive sillage. Yes better than all niche fragrances same level as creed git aventus.

17.01.2017 Tom Austin

You have a taylor guitar jeremy?

16.01.2017 aagav raj

Is he paid for this or genuinely telling what he smell p

14.01.2017 robert20351

One of the few fragrance i would suggest blind buying. Ysl la nuit de l homme and dior sauvage i also suggest blind buying.

11.01.2017 First Impressions

I love this. It s not popular in my area thank god lol.

09.01.2017 Cain McGregor

Mine smells only citrus? Wtf

08.01.2017 G Hall

This one is great. To me it is very unique. I could see someone hating it tho. But i love it. It has a sharpness to it that some people won t like. My wife told me it smells like cedar chips in a hamster cage. So i sprayed it five more times and shut the light off. The rest is history.

06.01.2017 ELEGZER

Lol you figured out its still here

03.01.2017 xVSxOpticalScope

Is there actually a chanel coco cologne for men?

02.01.2017 MrJasontm2386

Hey brotha would you advertise a new reviewer for compensation. . . Just curious bro, its a friend of mine we were in army together in stuttgart. If not no worries of course just had to ask. Great vids bro. Frag king.

01.01.2017 OGAesthetics

Did this get reformulated? ? The edt version

30.12.2016 Jordan E

This is one of my favorites to wear, but also i really like gucci made to measure. Please review this cologne be sure to get female reviews sexy or not sexy lol

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