Косметический набор антивозрастных кремов для лица chanel precision ultra correction lift 3 in 1

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07.06.2017 StillinEden

Wow i love what it does!

05.06.2017 Janice Borkovec

What is the name of the product, and where do i find it?

04.06.2017 DELETED

Thats amazing! , how much?

02.06.2017 DELETED

Where do i get it from?

30.05.2017 TethysC

Hi arny, please go to our website for pricing and to order. The link is above. You can also type amazing facelift cream into google to find our site

29.05.2017 2ejtwoeyj

What of u have oily skin. . Will it still be usable for people who have oily skin?

26.05.2017 liquidblue


24.05.2017 lakecrab

Muriel must have been a smoker. Impressive results for that much skin damage.

22.05.2017 D. COLLNS

What happens to the cream if one was to workout or sweat.

19.05.2017 TethysC

Heavy sweating will shorten the time that the product is effective hours under normal conditions. You can however re apply it as needed.

16.05.2017 TethysC

Yes it will work with oily skin but the effect may wear off sooner. We quote an effective time of to hours. An oily skin may be at the lower end of this range. You can however, re apply as necessary

13.05.2017 Lucille de Lorme

Does it work for pre wrinkles as i call them? Very impressive video but can it be used under make up? I can t wait to try it and see for myself. The proof of the pud and all that.

12.05.2017 Elfdaughter

That is one of the best products i ve seen in a long time. Fantastic to see it work in real time on a real person, instead of the airbrushed models you get with high street brands. It s not a product i need yet i m still fairly young! But is certainly one i will keep in mind for the future. Muriel looks fantastic!

10.05.2017 Rachel Malcolm

Can you apply makeup over it?

08.05.2017 Mike Wheeler

Send me a bottle please! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

05.05.2017 June Collison

Hi, the lady s skin looked absolutely amazing after the application. I would love to buy it, especially with all the christmas events coming up. Is it possible to buy it in the uk please? Regards june

04.05.2017 Aprill May

Absolutely amazing! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

02.05.2017 Gerardcarson Carson

Looking good muriel. Can this be bought in scotland? Boots etc amazing!

30.04.2017 Gerardcarson Carson

Looking good muriel. Can this be bought in scotland? Boots etc amazing!

29.04.2017 oooooo ooooooo

Where is the link to buy it? I don t see any link.

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